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Essay on How to Learn How to Type - Tips That You Should Know

Essay on How to Learn How to Type - Tips That You Should KnowWhen you're going to write a paper on how to learn how to type, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, you have to write the paper yourself and if you don't like what you're writing then you can not share it with other people. The most important part of writing your own essay is that you take your time. There are a lot of things that you should be doing in order to finish your essay on how to learn how to type samples.First, you have to decide which of the options that you want to include. You have to decide if you're going to include the tricks or techniques in your essay on how to learn how to type that you learned at school or you're going to include some tricks from your personal experience. The best way to start is to write down everything that you can remember that will help you get better at typing and what you have to do to get better. This way, you can also save time when you're researching.Sec ond, you need to spend time working on your writing. The last thing that you want to do is to put in a lot of time studying and writing and then forget to start typing. Just starting to learn how to type will not help you at all. It's important that you take your time so that you're not rushing the process. You can have a tutor or a friend or even do it on your own but it would be much better if you could take some time to practice.When you are writing an essay on how to learn how to type, you have to make sure that you are able to relate it to your experience. If you're going to write it, you should include information about the type of work that you're doing and what you're studying as well. Writing an essay is like writing a novel; you have to write it right and include all the information.The last thing that you need to do when you're writing an essay on how to learn how to type is to proofread it several times. By doing this, you will not only increase your chances of getting a ccepted for your paper, but you will be able to understand the things that you have written much easier. So the first part of the essay is to get you through the first paragraph and you can then start to tell a story or present the facts.The best part of writing an essay on how to learn how to type is that you can use all the tips that you've learned in school. But the next step is that you need to do them correctly. So just remember that you should write in a formal manner and you should try to put all the information into your essay.Keep in mind that when you're writing an essay on how to learn how to type, you have to do it right and you should work your way through it one paragraph at a time. This way, you will have an essay that you are proud of and you will also enjoy reading your essay.

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How to Write a Law School Case Brief

Writing a  case brief  can be rather easy once you’ve got the format down. While this guide focuses more on the structure of a written brief, you should keep most of the elements when doing a book brief as well. Read through a case once before you begin briefing, and then focus on the important parts of the case, which will become the elements of the case brief: Difficulty:  Average Time Required:  Depends on length of case Here's How Facts:  Pinpoint the determinative facts of a case,  i.e., those that make a difference in the outcome. Your goal here is to be able to tell the story of the case without missing any pertinent information but also not including too many extraneous facts either; it takes some practice to pick out the determinative facts, so don’t get discouraged if you miss the mark the first few times. Above all, make sure you have clearly marked the parties’ names and positions in the case (Plaintiff/Defendant or Appellee/Appellant).Procedural History:  Record what has happened procedurally in the case up until this point. The dates of case filings, motions of summary judgment, court rulings, trials, and verdicts or judgments should be noted, but usually this isn’t an extremely important part of a  case brief  unless the court decision is heavily based in procedural rules—or unless you note that your professor loves to focus on procedural history.Issue Presented :  Formulate the main issue or issues in the case in the form of questions, preferably with a yes or no answer, which will help you more clearly state the holding in the next section of the case brief.Holding:  The holding should directly respond to the question in the Issue Presented, begin with â€Å"yes† or â€Å"no,† and elaborate with â€Å"because†¦Ã¢â‚¬  from there. If the opinion says â€Å"We hold†¦Ã¢â‚¬  that’s the holding; some holdings aren’t so easy to pinpoint, though, so look for the lines in the opinion that answer your Issue Presented question.Rule of Law: In some cases, this will be clearer than others, but basically you want to identify the principle of law on which the judge or justice is basing the resolution of the case. This is what you’ll often hear called â€Å"black letter law.†Legal Reasoning: This is the most important part of your brief as it describes why the court ruled the way it did; some la w professors dwell on facts more than others, some more on procedural history, but all spend the most time on the court’s reasoning as it combines all parts of the case rolled in one, describing the application of the rule of law to the facts of the case, often citing other court’s opinions and reasoning or public policy considerations in order to answer the issue presented. This part of your brief traces the court’s reasoning step by step, so be sure that you record it without gaps in logic as well.Concurring/Dissenting Opinion:  You don’t need to spend too much time on this part other than the pinpoint the concurring or dissenting judge’s main point of contention with the majority opinion and rationale. Concurring and dissenting opinions hold lots of law professor  Socratic Method  fodder, and you can be ready by including this part in your case brief.Importance to class: While having all of the above will give you a complete brief, you may also want to make some notes on why the case is important relevant to your class. Jot down why the case was included in your reading assignment (why it was important to read) and any questions you have about the case as well. While briefing cases is always helpful, your brief is most important in the context of the class that it is for. What You Need Case bookPaper and pen or computerAttention to detail

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Personal Trainer Inc. Case Study - 891 Words

Wesly B. Elarcosa CS 46B (TTH, 5:01 - 6:30 PM) July 12, 2016 BSA – 3 Mr. Nelson M. Wahing Case Study No. 2: Personal Trainer Inc. I. Summary Personal Trainer, Inc. owns and operates fitness centers in a dozen Midwestern cities. The centers have done well, and the company is planning an international expansion by opening a new â€Å"supercenter† in the Toronto area. Personal Trainer’s president, Cassia Umi, hired an IT consultant, Susan Park, to help develop an information system for the new facility. During the project, Susan will work closely with Gray Lewis, who will†¦show more content†¦Additionally, the risk of losing member files and program tracking data is greatly increased when there is not a central database to keep customer information safe. With the new system it reduces the over-all amount of time needed for all administrative tasks. Employees will not have to worry about keeping track of member files and reduce the stress of creating daily and month reports. IV. Alternative Courses * Hire and train them with the new system that is being developed to make it useful. * Continue to update the hardware, software and network resources to keep up with the daily operations of the company. * Make sure to keep the information of the customers safe. V. Recommendation Personal Trainer, Inc. currently manages all member records at each location. This process creates bottlenecks of data and redundant work for several employees. Due to the amount of manual work, critical aspects of the business such as payment processing and training program records. Patterson and Wilder is proposing to assist Personal Trainer, Inc. in updating the current accounting software to allow interface of customers for web access to accounts payments, purchases and access to customer training records . This will be accomplished in a three step plan of data base design, user interface design and application architecture. The member data will be managed more efficiently and increase productivityShow MoreRelatedAccounting Information System1105 Words   |  5 PagesUNIVERSITI TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN FACULTY OF ACCOUNTANCY AND MANAGEMENT ACADEMIC YEAR 2012/2013 BACHELOR OF ACCOUNTING (HONS) UKAI 2063 ACOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEMS II TUTORIAL 6 Case 1: Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman Situation: The university is considering a new system that will speed up the registration process. As part of the systems development team, you are asked to develop a plan for fact-finding. (Adapted from Shelley Cashman 2010, Chp 04 Apply Your Knowledge,Elmwood CollegeRead MoreMy Career as an Athletic Trainer Essay1264 Words   |  6 Pagesto be an Athletic Trainer. When I tell people I want to be an Athletic Trainer, they think I mean an actual trainer having to do with lifting weights, working out, and helping an athlete train. There are actually two types of Athletic Trainers. The first type is a personal trainer who is hired to help you train for an athletic event and get you in shape. That is not what I want to. I want to do something totally different than that. I want to be an actual Athletic Trainer who is on the sidelinesRead MoreLes Mills New Zealand Case Study Essay1317 Words   |  6 PagesLes Mills New Zealand (Les Mills) Case Study Les Mills is a New Zealand owned and operated fitness chain with the primary goal to have the world best fitness clubs offering the best experiences and results (Ministry of Education, 2010). Founded by fitness pioneer Phillip Mills, Les Mills consists of Les Mills Gyms, Les Mills NZ and Les Mills International. With 10 clubs, 900 staff and 46,000 members throughout New Zealand in 2010, they are continually growing with a 12th club established in NewmarketRead MoreDifferent Content And Three Process Theories Essay1046 Words   |  5 Pagessomeone is captivated by what they are doing, then we can safely assume that motivation is high. It is present in many aspects of our daily lives. For example, why do we eat breakfast in the morning? Because we are motivated by hunger. Why do people study and want to further their education? Because they want to broaden their knowledge. After all, knowledge is power. Motivating factors can be anything from a reward to compulsion. So in short, motivation factors in the work environment include rewardRead MorePsychological and Personality Assessments1677 Words   |  7 Pagesinstilled these tests in their company policies with all new hires or promotional employees. These assessments are used to help all human resources personnel in the decision of hiring or promoting employees. These tests are used as tools to improve personal image, promote or hire compatible employees that will put the company into a more positive direction. Employers feel that by using and implementing these assessments they help with building good employee teams and to allow different types of personalitiesRead MoreTraining and Development Case Study2354 Words   |  10 PagesPROFESSIONAL STAGE-I HRM 05-EMPLOYEE TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Case Study Prepared By T.Hewathanthrie PQHRM-49-15 Course: Professional Qualification in Human Resource Management December, 2010 INSTITUTE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT SRI LANKA (INC). Table of Contents Introduction-Training amp; Development 3 Introduction-Case-(Care-Link) 3 Q1-Key issues identified in the Case 4 Q2-The role of Training Manager-Ravi 5 Q3-Suggestions for improvement 6 References 7 Introduction-TrainingRead MoreEssay Athletes And Drug Use1690 Words   |  7 Pagesfor their illegal activity. Today, drug use in sport has reached enormous proportions in society and is destroying athletics from the ground up. Nowhere is the problem more serious than in professional athletics, where athletes, coaches and trainers misuse drugs in search of ways of ways to improve performance. Many athletes fail to take their time when making the decision whether to use drugs to their advantage. Unfortunately athletes may use drugs for therapeutic indications, recreatio9nalRead MoreCan Manufactured Bands Ever Be Classified as Good Art? the Effect O2443 Words   |  10 PagesTake That, Boyzone, Bad Boys inc., East 17 and other all-boy pop bands. In this essay I would like to discuss how the standard of art has been lowered by the capitalistic system of the music industry, using a specific example - Upside Down, which is maybe the latest addition to this genre of music. By this genre of music, I mean the all-boy bands which have been specifically manufactured and targeted at the teenybopper age class (and also the gay market?). Personal Opinions To argue that thisRead MoreEmployment and Lower Court2977 Words   |  12 Pages= 50%. I will have the grades posted within 7 days. I have enjoyed getting to know and working with all of you over the last few weeks. As always, I learn as much if not more from all of you than vice versa. Best of luck in all of your future studies and careers. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any question or concerns. Thank you all again. Good luck. Multiple Choice Instructions: Circle the letter of the best choice. 1) Jill is a marketing manager for Beta Co., located inRead MoreImplications of the Learning Organization Phenomenon for the Training and Development Field.4748 Words   |  19 Pagesconcept of the learning organization does not minimize the role of the trainer; it changes it. Just as organizations must learn how to learn differently, so too, must trainers learn how to learn and behave differently. The training profession must broaden its view of itself from that of information purveyor and skill builder to that of learning enabler, learning manager and learning strategist (Tobin, 1998). The way that trainers respond to the demands of their environment - the new organizational

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Ecommerce And Marketing Management

Questions: Determine and Evaluate strategies that build and maintain trust in consumers towards online shopping so that they are attracted to purchase products and perform repeat purchase. Your report should include the following: 1. Assessing in which way organisations obtain competitive advantage by utilizing e-commerce 2. Analyse in which way organisations attract customers through social media to buy their products online and to promote sales. 3. Critically analyse the strategies that organisations use to build and maintain trust in consumers towards internet shopping Answers: Introduction Ghandour (2015) commented on the essential fact that with the advent and modernization of technology and internet, the online marketing has become a social hype in the internet savvy world. E-commerce or rather online shopping has become a wide-spread marketing arena for the customers since it provides them with the availability of buying products and services at any time and from anywhere. As opined by Jayaprakash et al. (2014) it is seen in certain cases that ecommerce sites are somehow being hacked and mishandled leading to the loss of both customers as well as organization leading to the lack of trust and belief of the customers on the ecommerce sites. This assignment therefore deals with the competitive advantage that organizations have on utilizing e-commerce sites along with the ways organization use through social media for attracting the customers. Moreover the strategies used by organizations in building as well as maintaining trust of customers in online shopping are also discussed. 1) Competitive advantage of organizations by utilizing e-commerce In this fast moving world, organizations have shifted its view to e-commerce sites in order to have competitive advantages over other organizations. As opined by Rad and Mirnabibaboli (2014) the consumers therefore find huge variety and diversity in products and services along with attractive and lucrative discounts in the ecommerce sites. Therefore the organizations such as Tesco and Sainsbury etc have adopted ecommerce sites that help in expanding their market to the maximum extent both nationally as well as internationally. This therefore helps in attracting the customers to the maximum extent and hence helps in increase in customer database extensively. Moreover as commented strategically by Mehta (2015) the ecommerce sites of the organizations have competitive advantage as it help in increasing the reputation and brand image of the organization through internet usage. This also improves the customer services that also help in having a good competitive advantage of the organizati on over its competitors. In addition to this from the outlook and opinion of Agwan (2015) ecommerce sites also reduces the usage of paper to the maximum extent. This therefore gives a good competitive advantage over its competitors through their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy adaptation. The customers are provided 24*7 supports that facilitate the customers in knowing the details of the transactions and orders at any time. This leads to the increase in satisfaction level of the customers that help in having higher competitive advantage over its competitors. From the point of view of Flanagin et al. (2014) the ecommerce websites also ensures in timely delivery of the products and services to the customers extensively that can be considered to be as one of the competitive advantages that the organization have over their competitors. For the society also the e-commerce sites are much advantageous in nature. More will be the online shopping, the less the customers will go out for shopping that will red uce the traffic to the maximum extent. Moreover from the outlook of Jain et al. (2015) the e-commerce sites also enables the delivery of products and supply to the rural customers that helps in extending their customer database and therefore has a good competitive advantage over the competitors. The e-commerce sites also focuses on CSR responsibility such as it helps the Government in delivering the products and services such as education, health care and social services to the customers in the most improved and reduced cost. As opined strategically by Nnaji and Samual (2015) this therefore helps in reducing the price of the services sent to the rural customers having a good competitive advantage over other competitors. 2) Ways organizations adopt for utilizing the e-commerce through social media for promoting sales online Wen et al. (2014) commented on the essential fact that there are various ways that the organizations utilize the e-commerce sites through social media that helps in promoting the sales online. Social media marketing is changing dynamically and hence social networks are also adopting technologies in order to shift the focus from the branding to generation of leads. The introduction of apps and the advertisement of apps in the social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter etc. help in attracting the customers extensively. As opined by Chiejina and Soremekun (2014) since the social media sites are a great hype and hence the maximum of the customers are on social media, customers tend to go for the online reviews and EWOM for accepting any ecommerce sites. Moreover the discounts, sale prices, quality of the products and services are also reviewed and mentioned in order to attract and customers and let them know about the online presence of the organization. From the outlook and opinion of Rabbani and Moughari (2015) the social media therefore has became one of the most popular weapon and strategy of the ecommerce sites. Through the ecommerce sites is a successful strategy of social marketing, hence it attracts the customers extensively and hence the sales and profit of the organization increases to the maximum extent. Moreover through online social media, the customer data are also received to the maximum extent. From the opinion of Moran et al. (2014) this therefore helps in creating a good potentiality among the customers and also increases the customer satisfaction to the maximum extent for knowing the customers well by the organizations. Offers, discounts and sales are provided and advertised through the social media networking that helps in getting touch to the customers extensively at every corner of the world. Moreover as per commented by Jain et al. (2015) the digitalization of the organizations also helps in retrieving the data and information to the maximum extent that helps in analyzing of the business effectively. The online companies therefore analyze the customer behavior to the maximum extent and hence use this information in order to complete the sales through social media. Moreover the ecommerce sites also focuses towards the personalized as well as targeted marketing that help in making the customers feel more automated and personalized in nature. As commented strategically by Moran et al. (2014) this strategy of utilizing the social media as a part of marketing strategy helps in increasing the sales and profit margin of the customers extensively. 3) Strategies used by organizations for building and maintaining trust of the customers towards internet shopping According to the outlook and opinion of Rabbani and Moughari (2015) the ecommerce sites need to be conscious and focused towards building as well as maintaining the trust of the customers towards internet shopping. The better the internet shopping will be safe and trust worthy, the more the customers will have a good knack towards online shopping. The ecommerce sites therefore take into account the strategies that help in building as well as maintenance of trust among the customers to enhance the internet shopping. From the point of view of Chiejina and Soremekun (2014) the strategies used are website security that includes CGI programming as well as user access control that helps in authentication, confidentiality, data integrity, access control as well as non-repudiation. This therefore helps in keeping the data and personal information and bank details of the customers in a better way so that it cannot be accessed or hacked by the 3rd party intruders. Moreover as opined by Nnaji and Samual (2015) the password control is another method of maintaining and building trust of the customers. The customers need to use excellent passwords by using encryption in order to have data security to the maximum extent. This helps in users to use the online transaction safely and securely. As a result the organization has a safe transaction without the interruption of the intruders. From the outlook and opinion of Wen et al. (2014) the usage of the passwords helps in keeping the data safe as well as the introduction of payment on delivery also helps in building the relationship with the customers. The usage of original anti-viruses and updating it regularly also helps in maintaining the security of the users private data to the maximum extent. Other than this the regular checking of the system along with the web logs also help in keeping the system upgraded to the maximum extent. This also helps in checking the system as well as checks the logs th at that long URLs. Conclusion This assignment deals with the organization deals with the evaluation as well as determination of the strategies that helps in building and maintenance of trust and belief of the customers. The online shopping attracts the customers and make the shopping at ease and hence also facilitates the customers in shopping from any place and time. The assignment also takes into account the ways the organizations take the help of the social media for increasing sales and profit margin of the organization. Even the organizations take help of the social media in order to promote sales as well as increase the customer database. Moreover the assignment also explains the strategies that organizations take for building trust of the customers and therefore maintain it. Security measures are therefore taken in order to increase the internet shopping and maintaining of the trust. References Agwan, D. A. A. (2015). E commerce: a concept to digital marketing.Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Management Review ISSN,2319, 2836. Chiejina, C., and Soremekun, E. (2014). Investigating the Significance of the Pay on DeliveryOption in the Emerging Prosperity of the Nigerian ecommerce sector.Journal of Marketing and Management,5(1), 120-135. Flanagin, A. J., Metzger, M. J., Pure, R., Markov, A., and Hartsell, E. (2014). Mitigating risk in ecommerce transactions: perceptions of information credibility and the role of user-generated ratings in product quality and purchase intention.Electronic Commerce Research,14(1), 1-23. Ghandour, A. (2015). Ecommerce website value model for SMES.International Journal of Electronic Commerce Studies,6(2), 203-222. Jain, N., Ahuja, V., and Medury, Y. (2015). Digital Marketing Optimization.Strategic E-Commerce Systems and Tools for Competing in the Digital Marketplace, 162. Jayaprakash, D. B., Durgaprasad, D. J., and Rahaman, M. S. (2014). Social media as a marketing tool of new era.International Journal of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Perspectives,2(4), 557-559. Mehta, S. S. (2015). Marketing education and experiential and service learning.The association of collegiate marketing educators, 41. Nnaji, S. C., and Samual, M. J. (2015) SMEs for Book Ecommerce and DNS Cloud Computing Website. Rabbani, M., and Moughari, M. M. (2015). Formulating Marketing Strategy based on Risk Principles.Global Journal of Management Studies and Researches,2(1), 17-31. Wen, L., Ni, Y., and Huang, B. (2014). Analysis of the Application of Social E-commerce Marketing. InProceedings of the 2012 2nd International Conference on Computer and Information Application (ICCIA 2012). Atlantis Press. Moran, G., Muzellec, L., and Nolan, E. (2014). Consumer Moments of Truth in the Digital Context: How" Search" and" E-Word of Mouth" Can Fuel Consumer Decision-Making. Rad, M. P., and Mirnabibaboli, M. (2014). Optimized Roles and Data Mining Methods in Electronic Commerce and E-government for Increasing the Efficiency.Journal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence,6(4), 401-407.

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What the Hell Is Market Oriented Essay Example

What the Hell Is Market Oriented Essay The case of What the Hell is ‘Market Oriented’ analyses the Wolverine Controller Company. The company’s president and vice presidents had gathered to examine why their sales and earnings were off and market share was down in all product lines. The president calls a meeting in French Link, Indiana to observe the problems and solve them with his Vice Presidents. In the beginning of the meeting the president emphasizes the seriousness of the problems and gives a clue about how to survive. According to him the only way to get out of this mess is for them to become customer driven or market oriented. While he points out the way of run from this mess is ‘Market Oriented’, the marketing vice president understands it ‘Marketing Oriented’ and this is why the company cannot deal with problems because they are lack of communication and interaction. In this meeting every vice president defended on his or her department. Namely they do not see the departments as a whole; they just act as a self-centered. For example; according to the sales VP, if they have more salespeople, the company can grow faster, Manufacturing VP points out the hurdles occur because of the lack of technology in machinery, each vice president imply their department’s issues but no one does not imply the most important recipe: ‘Market Oriented’. Therefore what is ‘Market Oriented’? According to the text, if you have one sentence for ‘Market Oriented’ it should be ‘A set of process touching on all aspects of the company’ and it has three characteristics make a company market driven or market oriented. ) Information on all important buying influences permeates every corporate function This topic emphasizes the condition for being market oriented needs to understood the markets and people who want to buy its products and services. It is important for companies to choose them a customer segment because companies cannot satisfy all of their customers equally and the customer segment’s opinion is very important for companies to grow up. We will write a custom essay sample on What the Hell Is Market Oriented specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on What the Hell Is Market Oriented specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on What the Hell Is Market Oriented specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer There are some ways to get feedback from customers, for example; companies should have total free 800 numbers and company stuffs should visit their customers to get new ideas for products. 2- ) Strategic and tactical decisions are made interfunctionally and interdivisionally. This topic emphasizes that each function and division must be thought as a whole thing. Each department should advise to other and each of them should be open minded. 3- ) Divisions and functions make ell-coordinated decisions and execute them with a sense of commitment This topic emphasizes the importance of communication, interaction and collaboration for the company’s success. If the companies do not use these tools effectively, cannot be successful even the products are good. It is the first step for ‘Market Oriented’ when Wolverine in gathering everybody in French Lick. Thanks to this meeting president and vice presidents understand what to do for achieving success, they choose 20 custom ers to visit and collect information from them for analyzing the customer needs. Consumers are not only the important issue for them but also competitors are important as well. They choose 7 competitors for analyzing. They divide the tasks among departments and decide which department will do what task? After the plan started, the relationship among departments are changed, staff become open minded and can say their own ideas, and take more responsibility than past, the sales and earnings are slowly increased, stock price comes to oneself. After one year, Wolverine’s management group had gathered in French Lick again with their MIS VP. The new plan takes some concerns, one of them is how cope with inordinate demand, the other is how to touch ‘Market Orientation’ more, but they can handle these issues as well thanks to their interaction and communication to each other. Finally, Wolverine prove its self as a ‘Market Oriented’ company by thinking customers and the corporation as a whole, collecting data from customers and then analyzing it and having departments participate in a competition.

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Bugs vs. Cottontail essays

Bugs vs. Cottontail essays After watching the short film of Bugs Bunny acting as Super Rabbit with his buddy Cottontail Smith I was a little confused about what I was to write for this response. I reflected upon the major events that were going on in our society at the time that this cartoon was made in 1943, and of course World War 2 comes to mind. The war was between America and Europe, with America coming out on top. If this clip has something to do with the tumultuous war then either Bugs Bunny or his enemy Cottontail Smith would have to represent one of the two countries. For this reason I am flustered because the character playing Cottontail Smith in the film was obvious to be our American hero John Wayne, also known as The Duke. Bugs Bunny on the other hand, also seems to be another one of our heroes, meaning that he is always the good guy and most of the time comes out on top. I had a hard time distinguishing whether it was Bugs Bunny or Cottontail Smith representing our nation. In the cartoon during Bugs and Cottontails war, Bugs had his carrots that magically turned him into a Super Rabbit with the cape and all, while Cottontail was much bigger than he, and also had some ammunition. Cottontail hated rabbits and was out to get Bugs Bunny so he simply pulled out his cannon and bombed him. Bugs being Super Rabbit, simply caught the bomb coming at him without a sweat and acted as if it were a basketball, in a way possibly mocking Mr. Cottontail Smith. He seemed to be enjoying himself and having just a great time, that is until his carrots slipped out of his bunny hands as he was supposedly saving the day flying through the sky, and he fell to the ground. As he looked up from the ground and saw all of his carrots that had been eaten to pieces by Mr. Cottontail Smith, who by the way was now wearing the cape and seemed to have won the war. Earlier in this response I mentioned that I was confused and this is e ...

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Social Learning Theory Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Social Learning Theory - Research Paper Example The punishment and reward systems established by society greatly influence the behaviors of individuals. â€Å"A leading proponent of social learning theory, Albert Bandura, helped to shape the conjecture by incorporating aspects of cognitive and behavioral learning† (Willhite). Owing to its huge significance to the society, SLT is frequently employed to gain an understanding of the underlying factors that convince people to land in the world of crime (Akers and Jensen 1). In terms of crime investigation, SLT asserts that â€Å"adolescents learn the techniques and attitudes of crime from close and intimate relationships with delinquent peers† (Siegel and Welsh 136). Here, delinquency is essentially considered as a learned behavior. The company an individual keeps and the people he/she spends time with influence his/her mentality and hence, the personality as a whole. Therefore, behaviors that convince individuals to commit crime can be traced back to the environment the y come from. People strive to achieve results that they deem positive while being aware of the evils associated with their actions. Works Cited: Akers, Ronald L., and Jensen, Gary F. Social Learning Theory and the Explanation of Crime. NJ: Transaction Publishers, 2003. Print.